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Organic Products

What other dispensary do you know that specializes in organic cannabis? We are Canada's first organic cannabis store with a large selection and deep knowledge about organic cannabis. 

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We spark curiosity by taking the time to get to know our customers, answering their questions, and when possible connecting customers to additional resources.


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What is CBN in Cannabis?

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General Effects of Different Cannabis Products

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Our Services

Please don't hesitate to contact us or drop by our store, and feel free to chat with us about your needs. We'll be happy to assist you in selecting the best products from our carefully curated menu that meets your specific requirements.

In addition to our online ordering service, we're excited to announce that we have now partnered with UberEats. This means you can enjoy the convenience of having your favorite items delivered straight to your doorstep by our expertly trained staff whenever and wherever you want.

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