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8 Ways to Reduce Harm from Smoking

8 Ways to Reduce Harm from Smoking

Smoking cannabis is the most popular method of consumption. Smoking anything can have undesirable effects on your respiratory system, which can accumulate over time. Here are some tips for enjoying cannabis products while reducing some of the potential harms of smoking.


1. Use an actual filter when smoking joints. THC molecules are too small to be stuck in a filter, so you will still get high!

2. Avoid holding the smoke in your lungs for long or too deeply (you will still get high!). THC is absorbed in the upper airways anyway. Most of the THC is absorbed in the first few seconds of inhalation.

3. Keep your smoking devices (pipes, bongs, vapes, etc) clean and fresh as much as possible. Use screens.

4. Try other methods of consuming cannabis such as drinks, strips, dry herb vaporizers, edibles, etc

5. Choose organic products (no pesticides).

6.  Avoid products that have not been tested. It's not worth it to become the test subject.

7. Mind your dose and take breaks. Consuming more doesn't always mean you will get more high. even your receptors get burnt out and you won't get higher.

8. For your bong, use a mouthpiece that's at least 20cm away from the water to avoid breathing in water vapour and drops.

Do you have any other harm reduction methods for safer cannabis consumption? We'd love to hear from you! 

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