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Is Unregulated Cannabis Safe?

Is Unregulated Cannabis Safe?

As a licensed cannabis store, we may be biased in our preference for regulated recreational weed. Yes we want you to visit our store to receive the highest quality customer service and handpicked organic, craft, and other products–BUT most importantly, we care about our community members’ health and safety. 


Your local dispensaries are not the only places to pick up recreational cannabis products, but they are the safest. Illicit or “black market” cannabis is untested. These plants are grown in unregulated environments, and they don’t have to follow predetermined standards of hygiene, nutrition, chemical interactions, and storage. Cannabis is a powerful and needy plant! It requires care, cleanliness, and high standards of cultivation, growth, extraction, and storage.

When unregulated cannabis products (dried flower, vapes, and edibles-gummies, chocolates, cookies etc) are tested this is what has been found :


1. High Levels of Pesticides

2. Harmful Bacteria

3. Heavy Metals such as Arsenic and Lead

4. Fungi (not the magic kinds either)

5. Fecal Matter aka Poop


Many illicit products are marketed as having certain THC percentage. Some gummies for example are said to have 200 mg or more of THC for each gummy, however when the THC content is lab measured, the THC content is much less than what is claimed. 


Toronto is oversaturated with cannabis stores, so why do people still turn to unregulated sources? The prices are almost the same, however if that's a concern we will work with your budget and price match the lowest price you find. Does your plug deliver? No problem! Mirage provides INSTANT delivery, so we come to you as soon as we receive your order.


Is “black market” weed safe? Studies show that the contaminants in these products are alarmingly high, so is it worth it to take a chance? We don’t think so! Especially when your super friendly Mirage budtenders are right around the corner!


See for yourself more info regarding illicit marijuana products:


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