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Safe(r) Consumption

Safe(r) Consumption

Cannabis can enrich your recreational experiences when consumed responsibly. As with any substance, there can be harmful or undesirable effects related to cannabis use. At Mirage, we support adult access to cannabis products from trusted sources. We are your local trusted source of tested cannabis products and well-researched reliable information about all things cannabis.

Here are the key points to consider to ensure a safer cannabis experience:

  • Each person can have a unique reaction to any products
  • How you consume cannabis can bring about different effects:
    - If you inhale (smoke or vape), you may experience quicker, more short-lived effects
    - If you ingest (eat or drink), effects may take longer to come on, and last for a longer duration 
                - Products you ingest may not affect you immediately, give it time before taking more
  • Surround yourself with people you trust
  • CBD products that have 0% THC will not get you high or bring on any psychoactive effects
  • Use caution if mixing cannabis with alcohol or other substances as the effects can be less predictable
  • Use your discretion if engaging in any new or unfamiliar activities while under the influence of cannabis
  • Store cannabis products away from minors
  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you’re feeling unpleasant, take a break, drink water, eat, and rest

Have any other questions related to safer cannabis consumption? Call, email, or drop by our store!

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